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The Northport Hotel begins taking reservations for stays this summer

The Northport Hotel, a new three-story hotel located at 225 Main St. in Northport, will soon be taking room reservations for stays starting Aug. 1.

Starting Wednesday, April 19 at 10 a.m., interested visitors can begin booking room reservations for stays beginning Aug. 1 at the Northport Hotel. (Click here for reservations.)

The hotel will feature 26 hotel rooms on the second and third stories, with a 175-seat Italian steakhouse on the ground level.

Developers Kevin O’Neill and Richard Dolce, who also own the John W Engeman Theater located nearby, were inspired to build the hotel due to a lack of lodging options in Northport’s downtown area. The developers noted that visitors to the theater or the village had to travel further away to find suitable hotels.

The developers hope the hotel will offer a unique experience for visitors to Northport, with easy access to both the harbor and the village’s downtown area.

“Northport is such a charming little harbor town that has the appeal and access from the harbor,” O’Neill previously told Greater Long Island. “You can get off you boat down the block, grab a burger, catch a show.”

Before construction of the hotel could begin, the developers had to demolish an old, dilapidated building that had been pieced together over the years. The building, which once included an old Dutch colonial structure, was torn down to make way for the new hotel.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the hotel’s planning process for several months, but construction resumed in 2021 and has been going steadily since.

The Northport Hotel is poised to become a landmark in Northport, with developers confident that it will add value to the village. The hotel’s Italian steakhouse is ADA compatible, making it perfect for older theater-goers who may need wheelchair access.


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